The second season of Assassin's Creed Valhalla content kicks off today with the entirely free Ostara Festival. Much like the Yule Festival that took place at the start of the year, this new event introduces a number of minigames, a couple of new quests, and a selection of unique rewards. Once again, the festivities are all contained within your settlement.

The idea is that you'll compete in the aforementioned minigames in order to win Festival Tokens, which can then be spent on Ostara-specific items. The festival shop has a new raven skin for sale as well as a bunch of settlement cosmetics. There are also new tattoos and even some fresh, flowery hair styles for Eivor. But sadly, there's no gear up for grabs this time around. A bit disappointing, seeing as the Yule Festival offered a new armor set.

The Ostara Festival will be available until the 8th April, so you've got roughly three weeks to get stuck in. Will you be taking part in the celebrations? Start hoarding tokens in the comments section below.