Aliens: Fireteam is one of the big new announcements of 2021, and developer Cold Iron Studios is not shying away from showing it off. As part of an IGN exclusive, the team has demoed 25 minutes of gameplay footage – and, y’know what, if you’re in the mood for a classic, third-person co-op shooter, it’s looking pretty good.

The game definitely captures the mood of the movies well, but it’s got original ideas of its own, including an array of different Xenomorphs – including one which explodes and leaves behind a deadly pool of acid once you slaughter it. Classes have different roles in the battlefield, so you can choose to focus on pure firepower or adopt more of a support role.

We’ve seen this type of game before, so it’s not going to change the world in terms of originality – but its execution appears good, and after slow start, the mission in the video definitely ramps up very quickly. While the developer does stress that the experience will be at its best with friends, you’ll also have the option to play solo with bots if you prefer.