Numskull PlayStation 1

Are you a PlayStation fan and proud of it? Sony has never been shy about sticking its brand on all kinds of merchandise — the PS symbol and those iconic shapes adorn all kinds of clothes and accessories. If you're looking for the latest official products, your search is over; Numskull Designs has produced a brand new line, and it's all available to pre-order now.

These new officially licensed items include a range of clothes and matching accessories. PS5-inspired attire includes a hoodie, t-shirts, snapback caps, and socks. They all sport the white, blue, and black colours you're familiar with:

The same goes for other stuff in the range too. What would a line of merch be without a mug, coasters, and a wallet? In addition, you'll also be able to grab a keyring, water bottle, and a notebook:

If you're interested in anything from this spiffy new range (we wouldn't mind that water bottle), you can pre-order from Numskull's website. Will you be buying any of these PlayStation goodies? Tell us your favourite in the comments section below.