Today marks the release of We Were Here Together on PlayStation 4. The third game in the series, it's a first person puzzle game in which you and a buddy must overcome tricky conundrums as you aim to answer a distress call. The catch is, you can only communicate via one-channel walkie talkies.

You may recall our associate editor Stephen Tailby trying and failing to play its predecessor, We Were Here. Well, good news: he was able to play We Were Here Together with video producer Liam Richardson. You can watch the pair having a jolly good time in the above video. How far will they get? Will they blitz through puzzles, or make complete fools of themselves? You'll have to watch to find out.

Again, the game hits PS4 today, along with We Were Here Too, completing this trifecta of co-op puzzlers. Will you be following in Stephen and Liam's footsteps? Can you brave the icy tundra and conquer its mysteries? Wave to each other in the comments section below.