Turok PS4 PlayStation 4

Have you been patiently awaiting the return of the Turok series? These dinosaur-hunting first person shooters are beloved by fans, but the franchise has been fossilised for a long time. There have been murmurings of the remastered version of the classic coming back on PlayStation 4, with the Trophy list discovered last year. Now, a release is all but confirmed.

As discovered by Gematsu, the remaster of the Nintendo 64 original — developed by Nightdive Studios — can be found in a search on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, if you search via the PlayStation smartphone app, you can also find a listing for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Both pages come complete with screenshots, full descriptions, and a joint release date of 25th February 2021.

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise; these remasters have been available on other platforms, including Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, for years at this point. The PS4 ports have yet to be officially announced, but with everything viewable on the official Store, they're as good as confirmed.

Turok 1 and 2's remasters bring the games in line with modern TVs, making them widescreen and upscaling the resolution to HD, and they benefit from improved controls and better performance. As mentioned above, the PS4 versions will of course include a handful of Trophies to collect too.

So, it looks like you can relive your dino-hunting days pretty soon on PS4. Will you be playing either of these? Stomp into the comments section below.

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