Rez Infinite

The main man behind PlayStation VR masterpieces Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite has confirmed he now has a new PlayStation 5 game in development over at Enhance Games. It'll follow in the same vein as previous experiences from Tetsuya Mizuguchi and take advantage of the unique capabilities Sony's new controller has to offer, including 3D audio and the DualSense controller's haptic feedback.

In an interview with Famitsu, picked up by Video Games Chronicle, Mizuguchi reveals that Area X from Rez Infinite will actually act as a sort of prologue to the studio's next game. "In particular, Area X in Rez Infinite was developed as a ‘prologue’ to the next game, and we hope to use that concept in the next generation of games. With the concept and XR technology, we’d like to increase the overall resolution and create a more detailed game."

He then goes on to explain what it is about the PS5's unique feature set that excites him so much. "When haptics (tactile technology) is added to the mix, the total integrated experience of visuals, sound, and tactile sensations is not just multiplied, but multiplied by a factor of several. When that happens, things start to happen that in the past would not have felt like this in a game. We believe that we can make it happen, and we’re climbing the stairs one by one." Given Mizuguchi's focus on blending audio and visual design into one, it's hardly a surprise to see him so interested in what 3D audio and haptic feedback can bring to games.

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