Spiritfarer PS4 PlayStation 4

Spiritfarer launched in August of last year on PlayStation 4, and it's a delightful, relaxing indie game. Playing as Stella, your job is to roam the waters of the afterlife and help ferry lost souls to the other side. It sounds morbid on paper, but it's actually lovely.

Anyway, developer Thunder Lotus has detailed its plans for 2021, and the team is far from done with this title. Over on its blog, the studio outlines three upcoming content packs, all of which will arrive as free updates to the game.

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The first will introduce Lily, Stella's little sister, who manifests as a group of butterflies and allows you to sail during the night. This update will also enhance the multiplayer aspect, with an overhaul of the UI and the introduction of co-op fishing.

Second is the Beverly update. As well as adding yet another spirit to the game, this will add a new building for your ship called the Archive Room, where you can hold new collectible Acetate Sheets. Additionally, this update will include a variety of quality-of-life improvements.

Lastly, the Jackie & Daria update not only adds these two new spirits, but a new island to explore. It will be home to a run-down hospital you can explore. It'll also contain a new event, but there are no details on that yet.

This trio of updates will arrive in the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2021 respectively, so you'll have plenty of reason to revisit the game through the year. You can read more on the aforementioned blog post.

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