Toro and Friends Mobile 1

Sony’s mobile match-three puzzler Toro and Friends: Onsen Town launched about eight months ago globally, but it’s already being closed down. The platform holder first introduced the smartphone game in its native Japan in October 2019, but its run is already coming to an end, with the release set to be disabled on 12th April in the West and 10th May in Japan.

A final update is planned for the Japanese version of the game on 19th February, but once the abovementioned dates have elapsed, it’ll be removed from storefronts forever. “Our team wished to provide a positive experience for our players for a longer period of time, but after difficult discussions, we have decided we can no longer provide consistent updates,” a statement said.

While this title was published under Sony’s smartphone label ForwardWorks, the firm has a terrible track record when it comes to service-based games like this. It’ll be interesting to see how long Destruction AllStars lasts before it’s placed on the chopping block, because the platform holder has no mercy when it comes to cutting its losses with products intended to have long lifespans.