Remember when there were no skateboarding games, and now they seem to be popping up again? Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 brought the dormant genre of games back with a stellar remake, but it seems the indie scene has been plugging away with some interesting takes on the sport. We've had Skater XL with its unique control scheme, and now there's Skate City, just announced to be releasing on consoles.

Skate City, previously exclusive to Apple Arcade, is a chilled out, low-poly game that focuses on street skating. It contains three cities based on real locations, and features original lo-fi music for a pretty relaxing ride. It features all the usual tricks you'd expect with an "easy-to-use" control scheme, and comes with hundreds of challenges to complete. Alternatively you can play Endless Skate with no objectives.

Of course, you'll also be able to customise your character and their board with all sorts of clothes and deck designs. Interestingly, the game features built-in recording tools, allowing you to make your own highlight reels, which sounds pretty neat.

Skate City is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 "soon". Are you looking forward to this one? Ollie into the comments section below.