PlayStation Wrap Up 2020

2021 is already well and truly underway, but Sony wants you to take a second and look back on the year just gone. Despite 2020 being a dreadful year for a number of reasons, games kept us going, with the likes of Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II providing high points across the summer. Then, of course, there was the launch of the PlayStation 5. And in a style similar to music streaming service Spotify, the Japanese giant has collected together a ton of your playing data to present you with a personal PlayStation Wrap Up for 2020. Head on through this link to check out your own stats.

The personalised page details how many PS5 and PlayStation 4 titles you played in 2020, how many hours of those games you played in total, and what day you played the most on. Then the attention turns to Trophies, where it is tracked how many trinkets you unlocked across the year as well as a breakdown into each type. If you were lucky enough to get a PS5 console, there's also a basic list of stats revealing your most played game on the new console, total gameplay hours, and how many PS5 Trophies you've unlocked.

In between those personal stats, Sony also shares numbers for more wider accomplishments from the entire PlayStation community. For example, 834 million enemies collapsed in fear in Ghost of Tsushima and 161 million home runs were racked up in MLB: The Show 20. At the very bottom of the page, a free dynamic PS4 theme is provided to all users. What's your most impressive stat? Boast in the comments below.