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Sonic the Hedgehog is getting the brick treatment.

SEGA's iconic character, who celebrates his 30th anniversary this year, is getting his very own LEGO set after a fan-submitted idea received the green light. Through the LEGO Ideas website, where fans can pitch and vote on original creations, a Sonic Mania-inspired set received the required 10,000 supporters for the company to look into making it a reality.

In this case, LEGO is partnering with SEGA to make it happen. Here's the concept of the set:

Sonic Mania Green Hill Zone Concept Design

As you can see, we have Sonic himself with familiar Green Hill Zone surroundings, enemies, and even the Death Egg boss.

The set is going into full production. There's no release date as yet, but it will be made available worldwide when it's ready. What do you think of this Sonic LEGO set? Will you be looking to snag this when it's up for sale? Don't step on loose bricks in the comments section below.