We've not seen too much from Returnal for a little bit. Housemarque's upcoming PlayStation 5 shooter is slated for release on 30th April, but it's been a while since we've seen it in action. Having seemingly awoken from its slumber, Sony has just put out a brand new trailer for the game, showcasing the mysterious setting.

Returnal takes place on the planet Atropos, where Selene crash lands and is caught in a loop. Each time she dies, she relives the crash, and the world's layout changes. In the new video, we get a good look at two main areas — Overgrown Ruins and Crimson Wastes — and they each look to offer very different landscapes. We also get a glimpse at a snowy, mountainous region, which presumably comes later in the game. And what's up with that house appearing on the alien planet?

We really like the look of this, but what do you think? Are you liking what you're seeing in this new peek at Returnal? Crash land in the comments section below.

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