Maquette was announced for PlayStation 5 roughly six months ago, but we'll forgive you for letting this one slip your mind. It's a first-person puzzle game published by Annapurna Interactive, featuring a "recursive world" in which there's always a bigger and a smaller version of the environment — and your actions affect all layers simultaneously.

It's a tricky concept to explain, but the above trailer offers a pretty straightforward example of the idea in practice. It also confirms a couple of things that have us excited. Firstly, it has a pretty impressive voice cast in Bryce Dallas Howard (known for the Jurassic World movies) and Seth Gabel (Fringe, Salem, Genius). It sounds like the pair's relationship will be a key part of the game's narrative.

The second thing we now know is a release date: 2nd March 2021 on both PS5 and PS4. With the game less than a month out, we're very much looking forward to having our minds melted. Are you looking forward to Maquette? Tell us in the comments section below.