Oh no, it's happened. If you didn't see the Twitter post doing the rounds yesterday, Weetabix put out a tweet questioning why people aren't dumping beans on top of its breakfast cereal. And, well, the internet didn't react too kindly to the idea. Perfectly fine on their own, Weetabix and beans do not belong in a dish together. However, that hasn't stopped Twitter user DirtyHarolds from making the nightmare a reality in PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams!

You can add the purposefully awful contraption to your Dreams playlist through here, but the creator has gone one step further by incorporating even more questionable ingredients into the dish. Besides the bowl containing Weetabix, beans, and strawberries (?), there's another filled with the breakfast cereal, milk, a fried egg, and lobster of all things. We think we'll give both ideas a miss, but you do you.

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