Believe it or not, actual Liverpool FC attacking midfielder / centre forward Diogo Jota is currently the highest ranked FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Champions player on PlayStation platforms. The 24-year-old Portuguese has taken the weekend league by storm, running away with a record of 30 wins and zero losses.

It's not uncommon for professional footballers to have a soft spot for FIFA. Over the years, a lot of players have confessed their love of the virtual game, with many finding it to be a great way to unwind β€” and potentially embarrass their teammates.

But Jota is clearly very, very good at playing FIFA (and he's certainly not bad at real-life football either β€” he was banging in loads of important goals for Liverpool back before he was injured in December). In April of last year, Jota won the FIFA 20 ePremier League Invitational β€” a tournament for professional footballers. And weirdly enough, he beat Liverpool teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final (although Jota hadn't actually signed for Liverpool at the time, and was still part of Wolverhampton Wanderers).

So there you go, Jota's clearly keeping sharp off the pitch. Hopefully he's back on the real pitch sooner rather than later.

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