PSN Down

Update: Three hours after first publishing this article, the official PSN Service Status page now says that there are no known issues to report. We assume that's the end of that, but this has still been one of the most widely reported PSN problems in a long time. Hopefully just a blip!

Original Story: The PlayStation Network is reportedly experiencing a number of issues. At the time of writing, the official PSN Service Status page lists problems with account management, gaming and social, PlayStation Now, the PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Music. Basically everything, then.

It's been a long, long time since the PlayStation Network ran into widespread trouble β€” but it's unclear just how many people these problems are impacting. Right now, we're signed in on PS5 with nothing to report, but something is clearly going on for a number of other users

We will, of course, update this article as we learn more.

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