Predator Hunting Grounds PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Predator: Hunting Grounds may not have put its best foot forward, but Sony and IllFonic have continued to update the asymmetrical title, and its ongoing efforts have culminated in the introduction of, well, Big Head mode today. The popular Nintendo 64 visual filter comes as part of a larger suite of custom private match options, which let you tweak the gameplay to your tastes.

With this feature comes some interesting preset modes: “The Floor is Lava – Predator bursts into flames when touching the ground – hope you have been practicing your Predkour. And for Clash Stabbers Only – because yes, you’re the guy that brings a knife to a gunfight. We can’t wait to see how you build out your custom private matches,” IllFonic’s Lucas Pedersen wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

And then there’s the addition of the Valkyrie Predator as premium DLC, who wields a two-handed Norse Hammer that does mega damage in close-quarters. You’ll be able to unlock the weapon through normal gameplay in April, but those who cough up for the expansion will be able to equip it early, and get some much-needed practice.