Environment PlayStation 1

As a household brand around the globe, PlayStation has a responsibility to do good while it continues to entertain us. In a year unlike any other, consoles like the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 have kept many gamers sane during lockdown, but the company has also been working behind-the-scenes to improve its carbon footprint.

Obviously, its systems are electronics, and so they require power to function. However, with the PS4, it committed to energy efficiency objectives that it hopes “will result in around 30 million metric tons of avoided carbon equivalent emissions by 2030”. With the PS5, it had similar goals, and has even included a low-energy profile in the next-gen system’s power settings.

Sony is not stopping there, though. Last year, it collaborated with the United Nations Environment Programme to create an educational, virtual reality experience within Dreams that explained the importance of collecting marine litter, in collaboration with New Zealand charity, Sustainable Coastlines.

The platform holder will also participate in the upcoming Green Game Jam 2021, where it’ll create simple software to demonstrate the importance of supporting the environment.

“Last year was a year of challenge, adversity, and a test of our resilience,” UNEP’s Sam Barratt explained. “The climate crisis requires everyone’s attention and our united efforts – and the gaming industry has the right tools to handle this: urgency, creativity, and inspiration. In 2021 we will continue to explore how we can deploy all of these and support the industry to play for the planet.”

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