As sure as the Sun rises every morning, Milestone is making another motorbike racing title. This time, it's the return of its officially licensed series with MotoGP 21. The latest iteration has just been announced, and it'll be the first in the franchise to land on PlayStation 5, as well as PS4.

Milestone is of course calling this the "most realistic MotoGP ever", and that's not just because of the licensed teams and tracks. On PS5, the game will run 60 frames-per-second at a dynamic resolution up to 4K, with enhanced lighting, faster loading times, and support for DualSense's unique features.

As well as technical upgrades, there are a raft of gameplay enhancements, too. The career mode is the "deepest and most complete" in the series, and there are a number of new on-track features. In this game, if you take a tumble, you'll have to manually retrieve your bike to keep racing. Previously if you crashed, the game would reset you, but this time you'll have to find and get back on your motor yourself. You'll also have to monitor the temperature of your brakes, while the suspension system has been improved, and there are now long lap penalties to watch out for.

MotoGP 21 launches on PS5 and PS4 on 22nd April 2021, so it's not too far off. Will you be taking this one for a ride? Lean into the comments section below.