Love them or loathe them, card collecting modes are the bread and butter of sports games these days – and, to be fair, MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty is probably the best out of all the options. Not only can you build a very good team without spending a cent, but it also has some great modes, like Conquest and Showdown.

Unsurprisingly, MLB The Show 21 will bring Diamond Dynasty back, and you can get your first look at it in the trailer embedded above. While light on details, we can see that Programs now utilise XP as opposed to Program Stars, which will hopefully unify progression a little better. There’s also an emphasis on offline play, so you may not be forced to compete online to unlock certain cards.

A previous leak teased a Stadium Creator, so presumably you’ll be able to design your very own ballpark for your team to play in, which should be a lot of fun. Are you looking forward to this year’s game? Will you be playing Diamond Dynasty or sticking to the more traditional modes? Hit a line drive in the comments section below.