Road to the Show is MLB The Show’s RPG-inspired single player campaign, which lets you create a rookie and take them to the big leagues. The mode is presented like a fly-on-the-wall sports documentary, with a narrator tying together your major career highlights. However, for the first time since its inception, you’ll be able to level up your baller outside of the solo mode.

For example, you’ll now be able to plug your player into your Diamond Dynasty team, and upgrade them as you complete Conquest maps and online matches. You’ll also have more control over your avatar’s development, and will be able to equip different loadouts to boost their stats in unique ways. Judging by the menus in the trailer, it looks like there’ll be a Badges system similar to NBA 2K21, potentially tied to card packs.

While you could create a player in Diamond Dynasty before, this was kept separate from your Road to the Show progression, where they’ll now be unified. It sounds like a good addition, as long as the developer can keep the gameplay balanced. We daresay that will be a big challenge moving forward, but we appreciate the overall idea here.