Mass Effect Legendary Edition Improvements

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is shaping up to be the definitive version of the beloved Mass Effect trilogy. We already know that the original Mass Effect has had the most work done to it; BioWare confirmed that Shepard's first outing features a number of "gameplay enhancements" in Legendary Edition. We're talking improved gunplay, better AI, and more responsive controls.

But other improvements have been spread across the whole trilogy. For starters, all three games will run at 60 frames-per-second on PS4 Pro (and PS5 via backwards compatibility). That'll make quite a difference considering how many frames were dropped back on the PS3.

Obviously 4K support is another headline, with HDR settings also available. And then there are the load times. The first Mass Effect in particular has infamously long elevator rides — but these lengthy waits will apparently be cut down considerably in Legendary Edition. The same will be true of the somewhat shorter (but still pretty damn long) load times in Mass Effect 2.

Beyond performance, we're getting a unified and expanded character creator across all three games. This means that the Shepard you create in Mass Effect 1 won't look completely different to the Shepard that you end up with in Mass Effect 3. "There are noticeable improvements to Shepard's range of available skin tones, hairstyles and makeup options, for a more diverse range of possibilities," writes Eurogamer.

It all sounds great, and honestly, we can't wait to play through the trilogy again. Are you looking forward to stopping the Reapers? Get your Carnifex hand cannon ready in the comments section below.