Marvel's Avengers PS5 PlayStation 5

When is Marvel's Avengers coming to PlayStation 5? Square Enix confirmed a new-gen port of its GaaS-style superhero action title a long while ago, but new evidence suggests it could be right around the corner.

Over on PSNProfiles, the Trophy list for the PS5 version has emerged, indicating the game will release for Sony's new console very soon. Trophies typically tend to go live just before a game's launch, and lists only appear on the aforementioned website once they do, so it looks like the Avengers will land on PS5 sooner rather than later.

It's worth remembering that a War Table livestream is coming on the 16th February. Square Enix has said that this broadcast will go into detail on the PS5 version, but with the Trophies ready to go on PS5, we suspect the publisher will pin a release date on it too. Roll on next week, then.

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