We're hurtling towards the release of It Takes Two on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, which means it's time for some raw gameplay footage narrated by Josef Fares himself. The charismatic creator really talks up the variety on offer in his follow-up to A Way Out, detailing a couple of different co-op scenarios in the trailer above. To really cement all this, he says: "The amount of variation is insane. There are no similar scenarios, every scene is unique. Whatever happens in the story will be reflected in the gameplay". Fares talks a big game, but then It Takes Two is actually shaping up to be something pretty cool.

One scene sees you fighting an army of wasps as you attempt to take back the home of a legion of squirrels while another is all about manipulating magnets to solve puzzles and progress through the area. One more level grants the ability to control time and clone the female protagonist — this is all honestly looking like a bundle of fun. Fares notes that nearly every stage will introduce a new mechanic and that the two characters will play different roles in puzzle solving. "Instead of having collectibles and other shiny sh*t, we made the world interactive and fun." The words of Josef Fares, ladies and gentlemen.

It Takes Two is out soon, too — 26th March 2021 to be exact. Are you looking forward to playing? Find a partner in the comments below.

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