We weren’t sure about It Takes Two when it was first revealed, but we’ve really come around on the title with subsequent showcases. The game – created by Hazelight and directed by Josef ‘Eff the Oscars’ Fares – is billed as “pure co-op perfection”, and looks to explore the idea of how we can overcome any obstacle as long as we work together.

Judging by the trailer, there’ll be a limitless number of tests for you to pass: one minute you’ll be crossing ponds on the back of a frog, the next you’ll be solving puzzles on a retro video game console. And it’s all designed around that idea of “it takes two”: you’ll need to work together with a friend or stranger to get finished.

As above, the game’s now gone gold ahead of its 26th March release date on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. That means that the Swedish studio has completed the project and submitted it for certification, so you shouldn’t expect any delays. Will you be pairing up for this co-operative treat? Phone a friend in the comments section below.

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