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Elden Ring, the next game from FromSoftware, has always been highly anticipated – but it’s reached cult status recently, due to the Japanese developer’s silence about it. Just what is the status of this project? And why is it taking so long to return to the public eye? Comments from various journalists have raised hopes that a re-reveal is near.

First, it’s the turn of GamesBeat scribe turned video game crystal ball gazer Jeff Grubb: he indicated on a podcast that the game may be shown by the end of March. However, he did add the infamous industry insider disclaimer: “I know enough to be confident, but if it were to slip into April I would apologise but I will continue to say you are not gonna wait long.”

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has since echoed Grubb’s comments on Twitter: “I know lots of people are desperate for Elden Ring news. I don't know much about it, except that it's been delayed a bunch. But there is strong evidence floating around that the game will be shown relatively soon. It's not going to pull a Winds of Winter. Elden Ring has pages.”

So, a re-reveal is imminent, then. Both of these sources are reliable, and while plans can obviously change behind-the-scenes, it sounds like some kind of update is almost certainly in the immediate pipeline. We’ll take that for now, as we’re desperate to learn more about this project – hopefully it’s not too far away.

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