Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

Destruction AllStars released on PlayStation Plus at the start of this month, and it's fair to say it's not made a huge dent. The PS5 exclusive multiplayer smash-em-up definitely has some things going for it, but it's not quite hooked the big audience it's aiming for. Of course, developer Lucid Games isn't giving up that easily; on the PlayStation Blog, it's detailed some of the updates coming to the title over the next couple of months.

The roadmap for March and April include the introduction of new Challenge Series events — the ones that cost premium currency — but there's plenty on the way if you don't want to spend any extra dosh. Double XP weekends will help you level up faster, and lots of new skins are being added to the game. Most interesting are featured playlists, which will include limited time modes such as an 8v8 version of Mayhem, 4v4 Stockpile, and solo Carnado. April teases a few surprises, as well.

It seems Lucid Games definitely has a plan to keep people playing — now it just needs to put everything into action. In other news, the game's price point for when it leaves PS Plus has been revealed; read more about that through the link.

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