Destruction AllStars PS5 PlayStation 5

Lucid Games' car-smashing PlayStation Plus title Destruction AllStars launched this week, and feelings toward it appear to be pretty mixed. Even in the comments of our own review, some readers clearly have a lot of time for it, while others are more critical. Some are taking issue with the game's on-foot gameplay, but it appears there's a little more to it than the game itself currently tells you.

In the tutorials, you're taught the basics of getting around when outside a vehicle, but it turns out there are lots of hidden moves that will make on-foot manoeuvring that much faster. In a lengthy Twitter thread, animation director Kristjan Zadziuk shared a bunch of little-known techniques that will boost any character's mobility.

For example, the game tells you about vaulting over low obstacles with circle, but did you know you can turn that vault into a big jump? Did you also know that you can get a boost on landing from a high jump?

There's lots to see in the thread, but other examples include a ricochet move off walls to change direction quickly, pressing circle when you land after leaving a car to carry forward your momentum, the difference between ejecting from a vehicle and exiting one, and plenty more. Again, the thread is worth checking out.

Information about all these moves should be in the game, really — hopefully the tutorials are improved sometime soon. Did you know about all these techniques in Destruction AllStars? Will you be using them to finesse your on-foot game? Tell us in the comments section below.