Destruction AllStars is now available on PlayStation 5. After a delay and swapping from full-price product to PS Plus freebie, Lucid Games' multiplayer car combat game is ready to roll. To celebrate, Sony has just released the above launch trailer.

It includes a bunch of gameplay footage, showcasing colourful chaos as characters run about on-foot and ram into each other behind the wheel. Launching on PS Plus, you may as well give it a shot β€” it's looking pretty fun here.

In addition to the launch trailer, there are some general tips on the PlayStation Blog, pointing out various features like ensuring you hop out of cars to stay alive, using the dodge rather than jumping out of the way, and using the practice mode to familiarise yourself with the four match types.

Are you excited to get going with Destruction AllStars today? Have you already made a start? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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