The excellent CrossCode will be expanding what it has to offer this summer with the launch of a new piece of DLC, named A New Home. Taking place right after the events of the base game, it explores what happened to protagonist Lea and the supporting cast. Developer Radical Fish notes that the expansion will contain the title's biggest ever dungeon, with the DLC itself spanning eight to 10 hours of content. Get a taste of what's to come in the trailer above.

It'll cost $8.99 at launch when it comes to PlayStation 4, and features new enemies, boss fights, and music tracks to enjoy. "Follow Lea on her journey figuring out the truth, use your elements like never before and don't forget to finish the raid. This time for real."

When we reviewed CrossCode last year, we awarded it an impressive 8/10 in the Push Square review, praising its combat and satisfying puzzles. "The MMO setting is incredibly well done and manages to mimic the online experience whilst also taking time out to make fun of itself. This is an absolutely charming RPG where it feels like there's always something new to experience." A New Home is shaping up to be even more content for those who loved this indie classic then. Do you want to play more CrossCode? Let us know in the comments below.