Here comes Sony, just casually dropping a new game on PlayStation 4 for free. We Were Here is a well liked series of online co-op puzzle games. It's been around on PC for a few years now, with the first game released in 2017. Well, today, that initial entry in the series has been made available on PlayStation Store for free for a limited time, with the other two games to follow later in February.

What sets these games apart from other co-op puzzlers is its reliance on communication โ€” literally. You and a buddy will wind up inside the walls of a mysterious castle, and become separated. Using only the in-game walkie talkies, you'll have to talk to your partner in order to solve various puzzles and escape the castle. It sounds like a great idea; you and a friend will have to describe what you see on your respective paths, and figure out how you can help each other advance.

As pointed out by the developer on the PlayStation Blog, you can technically use PS4 or PS5's party chat capabilities to circumvent the walkie talkies, but where's the fun in that? Managing director and co-founder Lucia de Visser recommends using the in-game system "to set the mood and for some extra challenge". With only one channel on the radios, you'll have to try not to speak over each other.

The second and third games in the series, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together, will also be coming to PS4 on 23rd February. There will be a cost attached to these, and all three games will be available together in a bundle if you prefer.

It's worth mentioning that, while We Were Here is indeed a freebie, you will need a PS Plus subscription to play it; it's online co-op only after all. What do you think of all this? Will you be checking out We Were Here on PS4 (or PS5 with backwards compatibility)? Tell us in the comments section below.