Season Two has arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone, bringing with it a new location to visit on the Verdansk map and lots of other content. However, the community has already found something it dislikes. And to be fair to them, it's a very legitimate frustration. Now, a new introductory video plays in-between the 60-second lobby before a match starts and the chance to actually jump out of the plane and begin your quest for first place. You can watch it above. The rather large problem, though, is that this 30-second clip plays before the start of every single match.

A video has never played before the start of matches prior to Season Two, so why Activision or Raven Software felt the need to put one there now and make it unskippable we don't know. It's also significantly louder than general gameplay, to the point where players can't even hear their teammates while it plays. PC users have found a way to mute it by pressing F10 β€” we're unsure if this option exists on PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 right now. But since its unskippable, you'll now have to wait another 33 seconds before you enter a Warzone match every single time you matchmake into one. What's the point of this? Another chance to check your phone and scroll through Twitter, we guess.