Well, here's an interesting blend of things. The Amazing American Circus comes from the aptly named Juggler Games, previously known for My Memory of Us, and it's an entirely different proposition. It's a tycoon game about building up a circus empire in a 19th century USA. That sounds pretty cool on its own, but here's the twist: a big part of gameplay has you building a deck of cards to use in battles.

We say battles, but the context here means your circus performers are fighting the indifference of the audience. Using the cards you've collected, your aim is to entertain punters rather than dish out damage. You can get an idea of how this plays out in the gameplay trailer above.

"Build a wandering circus, collect a strong deck of cards, gather a fantastic troupe of artists and performers, and travel across the 19th century United States," reads the press release. It seems you'll be roaming across the country, slowly building up a renowned circus by hiring performers, upgrading your caravans, and captivating audiences in card-based shows.

It's certainly a unique pitch, but it could be pretty good. The aesthetic looks spot on for starters with that hand-drawn style — hopefully the gameplay is as interesting as it sounds. The Amazing American Circus comes to PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 20th May 2021.