There are a good number of Souls-inspired 2D action games these days, but few are better than Blasphemous. With its wonderful pixel art, grim tone, and satisfying gameplay, it's a bit of a hidden gem in PlayStation 4's catalogue. Another critically acclaimed 2D title is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a sort of spiritual successor to classic Castlevania that won everyone over. Here's an idea: combine the two?

That's more or less what's happened in this case. In Blasphemous, a free content update named Strife and Ruin arrives this week, and it brings a bit of Bloodstained into Team 17's action title. Miriam arrives in Cvstodia and requires your assistance to get home. To help her, you'll have to tackle a series of challenge rooms and retrieve mirror shards. It looks as though these rooms will test even the most dedicated players. The press release teases "a special reward" for those that succeed.

In addition, there's a new Boss Rush mode where you take on each boss one after the other, and a series of new render modes to give the game various visual styles. Finally, a Demake Area is introduced with this update, turning the visuals 8-bit and providing a linear experience inside a hidden arcade machine. It sounds like there's a lot packed into this DLC.

The Strife and Ruin update launches on 18th February, and is free to everyone with the game. Will you be dipping back into Blasphemous to check it out? Tell us in the comments section below.