Wreckfest has carved out a nice little corner for itself on PlayStation 4. The arcade racer puts the emphasis on destruction, and it's been doing that better than most since its arrival in 2019. With regular updates keeping players engaged, there's always something new to smash into, and that's true of the latest patch as well. Update 1.90 is available now on PS4, and it adds a brand new tournament to the game.

In the new Winter Fest update, all the tracks in the game are covered in a sheet of snow, which will obviously make getting about that little bit harder. In the new Snowball Run events, you'll have to watch out for giant snowballs that will destroy your vehicle with their white powdery fury. The sideshow events like demolition derbies and time trials have had a wintry makeover too.

With the new tournament comes a new reward. Top players will be given access to the Starbeast SS, a new car for the game. The patch also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements, so you'll get the optimal Wreckfest experience to boot.

Will you be checking out this new Winter Fest tournament? Build a snowman in the comments section below.

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