Happy new year! It's time to look ahead to another year in gaming, and 2021 looks like it could be another good one. For PlayStation 4 and PS5, things are starting fairly quietly, however. In January and February, there aren't too many new releases, but among them are some sure-fire winners. Below, we've outlined all the current- and last-gen games you can look forward to over the next couple of months.

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Hitman 3 - 20th January

The recent Hitman games are some of the best sandbox experiences on PS4, and that looks set to continue with the latest entry. Hitman 3, coming to PS5 and PS4, has you playing once again as deadly assassin Agent 47, tasked with taking out targets in myriad murderous missions. If you've played the previous two titles, all your data will carry forward, and PSVR owners can even play the full PS4 version in virtual reality. Good work, 47.

Outriders - 2nd February

Outriders is a brand new IP from Square Enix, and one that may be worth your attention. It's a sci-fi third person shooter, sharing a little DNA with the likes of Destiny. Coming from developer People Can Fly (Bulletstorm), the game takes you to a hostile planet named Enoch, which bestows special powers to your character. With these new abilities and a range of otherworldly weapons, there's a co-op or single player story to work through and plenty of other activities besides.

Riders Republic - 25th February

Remember Steep, the sandbox winter sports game? Riders Republic builds on that premise, branching it out to encompass a much broader range of outdoor activities. You'll play online with lots of other adrenaline junkies, competing in sports like skiing, cycling, gliding, and more. If you're down for some easy going extreme sports (and no doubt lots of post-launch support), this could be what you're after.

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