The Sims 4 isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee, but Maxis continues to iterate on it, with the Paranormal Stuff pack due out on 26th January for the PlayStation 4. This actually looks like another fun add-on, allowing you to move into haunted houses with ghoulish presences. Of course, this means there’s a new career path for you to take, where you’ll be able to master the skills of a Medium and eventually apply for a Paranormal Investigator license.

You’ll also be able to hold seances in your home, meaning you can communicate with the undead and even receive gifts from the underworld. And yes, there are a bunch of themed items for you to utilise in your properties, ranging from furniture to haircuts and accessories. Not for everyone, then, but if you’ve been itching for new things to do in gaming’s flagship life simulation, then this should keep you occupied.