Both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are going through a slight release drought right now, with not a lot of titles hitting either console. Proceedings take a turn for the better as January comes to a close, however, as 2D puzzler The Pedestrian comes to both PS5 and PS4 on 29th January 2021. That's sure to offer a tantalizing alternative to Hitman 3.

As detailed in the trailer above, it's your job to solve 2D puzzles as a sort of stickman, with those brain teasers situated within a 3D environment. Work your way through traffic signs and all manner of apparatus by connecting the dots between screens. It's a neat concept, and also one that garnered favourable reviews on PC when it launched this time last year. Metacritic has it at a rating of 81, so we're looking forward to this release getting the green light.