Lord Of The Rings Gollum PS5

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will save its trip across Middle-earth until 2022 as Daedelic Entertainment enters a publishing partnership with Nacon to bring the game to PlayStation 5. Originally thought to be launching at some point this year, the tale which takes place before the events of the paperback trilogy will be "faithfully represented" thanks to another team-up with Middle-earth Enterprises, a press release states.

The game will include multiple player-made decisions throughout the story to allow you to base Gollum on your own tastes, choosing to either give in to the creature's darker side or not. Then you must scale the environment and sneak past the sort of monstrosities you would typically encounter in Mordor — it really does sound like it'll play a lot like Styx: Master of Shadows and its sequel. Now we must wait another year to see if that makes for a good game or not.