Let’s not beat around the bush: it’s been a dismally slow beginning to 2021 here in the PlayStation-sphere. It feels like the industry is still in its seasonal slumber, and it could be argued that Sony has been more silent than most. Still, it’s a good time to dig in to some older titles and catch up on your backlog. Here’s what we’re playing.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

It's going to be a busy weekend of gaming for the first time in 2021, as I plan on playing some more Immortals Fenyx Rising. I'm enjoying it, but I fear the repetition is starting to creep in, and I'm having to motivate myself more and more to keep hammering away at all of the map icons. Fortunately, we've been given access to a preview build of Persona 5 Strikers, which provides the perfect excuse for a break. If all goes to plan, we should have some hands on impressions for you next week!

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

I've somehow wound up with four games to review. Granted, they're all pretty small scale, but I'm a busy beaver this weekend. First and foremost, I'll be tackling Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition, while other pixelated titles Olija and Cyber Shadow are also on my to-do list. Expect my thoughts on all of these in the near future.

Liam Croft, Assistant Editor

My gaming habits right now are the definition of the phrase: "And now onto something completely different". I'll be continuing my playthrough of Final Fantasy XIII, which I started earlier this week. Yes, that JRPG from 2010.

Brett Posner-Ferdman, Reviewer

In anticipation for next week’s Resident Evil showcase (and because I didn’t get to play it last weekend), this weekend will be dedicated to playing more Resident Evil 2 Remake. If I have time, it also might be time to revisit Resident Evil 5 since, after a few hours, I gave that up a few months back.

Ken Talbot, Reviewer

I'm putting Agent 47 through his paces in some old missions ahead of Hitman 3. Also, trying out shark simulator Maneater on PS Plus.

That's what we're playing this weekend, but what about the rest of you? Let's at least try and keep this site alive until some news breaks, eh?