Outriders PS5 PlayStation 5

Square Enix's upcoming sci-fi looter shooter, Outriders, has been delayed. The game, which features otherworldly weaponry and superhuman abilities on an alien world, was initially slated for 2nd February. Now, it's been pushed back to 1st April 2021.

The news comes from a post on the game's official social channels. Developer People Can Fly says it will use the extra time "fine tuning the game and focusing on delivering a fantastic play experience at launch".

The update does bring some good news, however. On 25th February, a free demo will be made available, allowing you to give the game a try and fill the time until the delayed date. You'll be able to play the game's opening hours with each of the four character classes, either in single player or co-op. If you do check out the demo, your progress will also carry over to the full game in April.

So, a shame about the delay, but a free demo definitely sounds like a good idea. Are you looking forward to Outriders? Will you be playing the demo to see what's what? Fire away in the comments section below.

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