PS Plus PlayStation Plus PS5

If you're a PlayStation Plus member, you're entitled to a handful of games each month. When PS5 launched back in November, the number of monthly games went up to three — two PS4 games, and one on PS5. That's obviously great if you've managed to get hold of one of Sony's new consoles, but what if you're having trouble finding PS5 stock, or are simply waiting to make the jump? You're missing out on that extra PS Plus game, right? Well, you don't have to be.

You can quite easily claim any PS5 games that come to PS Plus, even if you don't have the hardware itself. Let's take this month's Maneater as an example. If you want to be able to play this on your future PS5, you can add it to your library via the PlayStation app on smartphones or the PlayStation web store. Simply log into your PSN account with either of these, find the game via search, and click Add to Library. Once that's done, you'll have Maneater in your library of games, and will be able to download it once you've set up your shiny new PS5.

This of course will apply to Destruction AllStars once it launches on 2nd February, and for any future PS5 game that comes to PS Plus. By adding the games to your library via a browser or the app, you'll ensure you don't lose out on these early PS5 freebies. It's pretty simple, but not something that's immediately obvious. If you spot a PS5 game on PS Plus you want to play, the lack of a PS5 doesn't mean you can't play it eventually.

Do you have any PS5 PS Plus games sitting in your library through this method? Will you be claiming Destruction AllStars so you have it to play once you have your PS5? Tell us in the comments section below.