Destruction AllStars will be one of the free PlayStation Plus titles for the month of February 2021, so it's about time we started to get a good look at this part racer part something else. Honestly, we still can't really tell what it is you do after losing access to a vehicle. At least a new trailer is here to introduce us to the cast of characters on offer, all of which we assume come with their own set of skills and abilities.

There are 16 competitors in total, one of which is Ultimo Barricodo. He's the dude you've been seeing a lot in pre-release media, but then there's also Boxtop. Suitably, they wear a cardboard box on their head. Harmony drives something that looks like a Range Rover and Jian does the Naruto run outside of a car. Because of course he does. Genesis looks pretty cool at least. Expect more info and trailers to follow in the coming days.

Who out of this lot is your favourite so far? Share your pick in the comments below.