If Avengers: Infinity War still thinks it holds the crown for the biggest media crossover ever, it might want to think again because something else is eating its lunch. Fortnite is continuing to truck along with a frankly ludicrous amount of events that bring the stars of the big-screen to the Battle Royale title — Predator and the Terminator being the latest of the lot. The Predator is available as an outfit as part of the Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass while the famous T-800 machine and Sarah Connor can be purchased through the in-game store. You'll want to look out for the Future War Set to gain access.

Throughout the galaxy, there are few species feared more than the Yautja. Fearsome warriors that hunt for honor and sport, this one followed John Jones on its quest for a worthy competitor. Completing the Jungle Hunter Quests, players can also unlock the Predator Outfit with built-in Bio-helmet Online Emote, as well as a unique Heat Vision Hunter Spray, Banner, and Emoticon.

The Sarah Connor outfit can also be customised further with the HK Sky Net Uplink Back Bling and Techno-Grip Axe on offer. It isn't known how long these outfits will stick around for, so if you like what you see, we recommend jumping on these packs sooner rather than later. Have you spotted your new favourite skin? Let us know in the comments below.

[source epicgames.com, via epicgames.com]