What's next for Naughty Dog? Well, we know that a multiplayer expansion for The Last of Us: Part II is in the works, but beyond that, the future of Sony's top-tier developer is largely unknown. Earlier this week, however, various websites stumbled upon several pieces of concept art from Hyoung Nam, one of the studio's senior artists.

Hyoung Nam Dragonslayer HN J
Image: Hyoung Nam

The art in question depicts some kind of fantasy setting, and it's filed under 'The Women of the North' on Nam's ArtStation portfolio. The existence of these works is barely a story by itself, but it was Nam's attached comment that raised eyebrows. It read: "Inspire from the new game. You know what I'm talking about..."

Naturally, people jumped to all kinds of conclusions — the most obvious being that Naughty Dog is making a fantasy title. And while that does sound pretty great, it's yet another case of the internet jumping the gun.

Speaking to IGN, Nam clarifies: "The illustration is not for Naughty Dog's next new game." Nam goes on to explain that it was actually Assassin's Creed Valhalla which inspired the art.

PlayStation news has been sparse since the beginning of the year, so non-stories like this are expected to gain some traction. Still, it's always best not to get your hopes up based on something as vague as this.

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