Pro Bowl Madden NFL 21

For those of you who don’t know, the Pro Bowl is an annual exhibition match designed to celebrate the best players from the NFL each season. It sees the top stars and coaches from the NFC and the AFC duking it out in a one-off game, and historically takes place on the weekend before the Super Bowl.

This year, of course, there’ll be no Pro Bowl due to the ongoing pandemic; it’s the correct call from the NFL, as there’s really no need for players from different teams to be grouped together for an exhibition match. Instead, this year’s event will take place virtually, inside Madden NFL 21, with players like Deshaun Watson joined by celebrities such as Snoop Dogg.

There’s a trailer embedded below:

The event will be presented by Verizon and hosted by New York Giants legend Michael Strahan, with everything broadcast on Twitch from 5PM ET on 31st January. It’s an interesting idea, we suppose: the player will rotate each quarter, but they’ll be using the official Pro Bowl rosters, as determined by the NFL earlier in the year. Will you be tuning in, or giving this a miss?