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Update: As pointed out in the comments section, there's an error with 505 Games' website that has been clarified by Remedy's Communications Director Thomas Puha. Control: Ultimate Edition targets 1440p whichever graphical option you select. Here's a full explanation:

Original Story: If you didn’t see the news this week, Control: Ultimate Edition will be free with PlayStation Plus in February, meaning you’ll be able to play the next-gen version on your PlayStation 5. But if you’ve already got the game on the PlayStation 4 – or you’re planning to pick up Sony’s new console as soon as you can find PS5 stock – what can you expect from the upgraded re-release?

Well, an FAQ page on 505 Games’ website reveals all. There’ll be two modes to choose from: Performance and Graphics. Performance mode targets 60 frames-per-second, and outputs at a resolution of 1440p. Meanwhile, Graphics mode targets 30 frames-per-second with raytracing, and outputs at 1220p.

If those numbers seem low to you, then it’s worth remembering that Control is an infamously demanding game: the title struggled to retain 30 frames-per-second on the PS4 Pro, for example. There will be full DualSense support, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, while the release will also support PS5’s Activities system.

So, what about save files? Can you transfer your progress from PS4 to PS5? The short answer, in all honesty, is no. “If you’re playing the backwards compatible PS4 version of Control: Ultimate Edition on your PS5, then your save file will carry over. If you’re playing the new PS5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition, your save file will not carry over.”

It’s disappointing, but 505 Games cites engine differences for the reason: “This is because the PS5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition features a much newer version of the Northlight Engine compared to the one used in the PS4 versions of the game that shipped in August 2019.” Disappointing if you were just looking to jump into the DLC, but it is what it is.