Bugsnax PS5 PlayStation 5

We were rather taken with Bugsnax, PlayStation 5's cult hit launch game. Available free to PS Plus members, the quirky adventure game has been a success story for developer Young Horses. The team crafted something lovably silly but tinged with darkness, with a narrative that goes places you might not expect. In fact, some post-credits dialogue leaves the game on a tantalising cliffhanger, hinting at a bigger mystery.

Fortunately, it seems Young Horses isn't quite done with Bugsnax. Speaking to Kotaku, senior creative director and writer Kevin Zuhn says there's more to come. "We’re still figuring out what exactly we want to do post-release, but we’re definitely not done working on Bugsnax yet," he says. As for that aforementioned post-credits sequence, Zuhn says he'd "hate to leave that plot thread hanging forever".

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Exactly how the game will continue is unknown. Whether it's some form of DLC or a full sequel, we're definitely curious to learn more about the enigmatic world of Bugsnax. Would you like to see more from this unusual series in the future? No spoilers please in the comments section below.

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