Here’s the weird thing: key moments in Hitman’s critically acclaimed World of Assassination trilogy keep happening in real life. Those of you who played the Game of the Year edition of the first game may recall a set of sub-missions named Patient Zero, in which Agent 47 is tasked with controlling a deadly disease, which can actually spread between NPCs. Sound familiar?

And now, you may have read reports about the stock market, which is in disarray after a group of Reddit renegades purchased stocks in GameStop of all companies in order to adversely affect those engaging in a practice called shorting. It’s almost like that time Agent 47 infiltrated a New York bank and collapsed the stock exchange, right?

Okay, we’re not saying these things are identical, but they’re eerily similar, aren’t they? What next, then: a faked death in an English country estate? A shady auction at a Parisian fashion show? An underground lab beneath an idyllic Italian seaside town? We’re beginning to believe IO Interactive really can predict the future.