Hitman 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Hitman 3 is an absolutely fantastic game – we explained as much in our review – but let’s not beat around the bush: Agent 47 would be disappointed with untidiness of its launch. While it’s awesome that you can import all of the locations from previous games, we got a headache writing out exactly how it all works. And considering the title borderline requires an Internet connection, it’s never acceptable when the servers go up and down all day.

Perhaps the biggest problem of all, however, has pertained to progression carryover from Hitman 2. As opposed to simply pulling your data from the cloud, IO Interactive requires you to visit a webpage so that you can transfer your progress across to the new game. Of course, that website has since completely collapsed, and has been offline most of the day. Some players are beginning to have success with the tool, while others are still waiting.

The issue has been accentuated by the fact that, should you start Hitman 3 while you wait for the website to be fixed, you’ll be forced to wipe any progress you make in the new game when you eventually have the opportunity to transfer your data across. It’s messy stuff, and while we’ve no doubt there are some serious technical challenges involved in unifying three titles like this, we can’t help but feel irked by the untidiness of it all.

Nevertheless, the Danish developer has, to its credit, been extremely communicative on social media all day, responding to the most common fan queries and providing regular updates. At the time of typing, it says that it’s making progress on “fixing server issues” and thanked players for their patience. Obviously this kind of situation is never ideal, but we’re sure all will be resolved promptly once it gets the launch load under control.

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